Design Swarovski crystal jewelry by CAD

Design Swarovski crystal jewelry by CAD

All along, jewelry design mainly by hand. While many designers are staunchly opposed to using technology to aid in their designs, there are some that fully embrace the technology and their experience with the software is paying off.
Virtual jewelry design is a helpful way to design the physical look of a piece of jewelry without having the physical materials on hand. Take for example Swarovski crystal jewelry, most jewelry creators can only dream of working with these exquisite jewelry.
CAD software becomes more and more complex with each passing year,but some jewellery craftsmen stay on the leading edge of design technology. Their pieces already exceed what is possible with standard forms of jewelry design and that gap will only widen in the years to come. What this means for the customer is 100% accurate designs that traditional craftsmen just can’t match.

Use CAD software,You just need to make sure that you have software installed in order to use the Create Your Style virtual jewelry design application. The create your style design tool is simple to use and much more user-friendly than other similar applications. Just Create Your Style and check out all of the design options. Just follow the link below the brief instructions to get you started.
The tool allows you to undo your actions if you don’t like something or mess up in the process of creating something, allowing for excellent creativity. You use the left bar to choose your crystal beads, you can also change the size, shape and color of your bead choice. You can then either arrange your beads in a straight line or a circle in order to begin planning your design.
Or you can choose from a pre-made template that includes hundreds of Swarvoski bead designs rather than starting completely from scratch. One of the best features of the tool is that once you’ve completed your design to perfection you can print a list of the materials or save your design to be viewed at a later time.
But that isn’t to say the virtual jewelry design application is perfect. Simplicity can be helpful, but also a little frustrating in its limitation. The program doesn’t have a way to string beds together, they just sort of float side by side. For simple jewelries that require only beads for the designs this tool is perfectly alright but if you want complex crystal jewelry you may find that this software is a bit lacking when it comes to styles and designs.

However,With the use of CAD (computer aided technology) they have the freedom to create pieces of jewellery that are a more precise product than is possible with hand fabrication. This precision opens up a whole new world of creative possibilities.

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The feature of Pandora jewelry

The feature of Pandora jewelry

Pandora jewelry is in hot of pursuit as one of the most popular fashion jewelries, one of the most important reasons is that people have an option to select a collocation of each accessory, and be freely combined. Choose your favorite color and feeling, combine all the beads you choose one by one, and get your own colorful Pandora jewelry.

People can combine any beads, gemstones and netsukes according to their own preferences. And choose variety of styles and colors to coordinate clothes. There are some space for the beads to move on the necklace or bracelet, the beads will roll slightly with the body movement, and attract people’s sights during any moment. And besides, because of its easy operating process and bigger optional molding, the jewelry made by you is more meaningful. Carefully chosen jewelry is a symbol that best represents the emotional self, careful pondering on the feeling of it, truly achieve your jewelry your own master. Whether for you or as a gift for friends all has an entirely different feel.

Beyond that, another unique place of Pandora jewelry is the materials that each of Pandora jewelry is different. The use of various new materials is challenging people’s vision. As a commenter said, maybe we should get used to that, jewelry can be formal and life-oriented too, it can be romantic, forward or easygoing and interesting. It can be made of gold, wood or ceramic, even the recycle tin can.

Pandora jewelry is another typical embodiment for these ideas, it doesn’t expect these ordinary materials (such as glass, ceramic or enamel) can replace diamond or gold and become the lead actors, but we should treasure the fresh air it bring to the jewelry industry and the breakthroughs and enlightenment in the design ideas. What the Pandora Jewelry strung is not just the crystal glass, rustic pottery and colorful enamel, is more about the personality, spirit and realm. It brings not only the temptation of color and form, but more about the craft art people created, also the thought and idea that people injected during they do the art.

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Crystal jewelry:beautiful,durability and affordability

Crystal jewelry:beautiful,durability and affordability

As any style enthusiast will tell you, the addition of beautiful jewelry can accentuate outfits of all varieties; from casual to elegant and everywhere in between. Crystal jewelry, as many jewelry lovers continue to discover, has an exceptional ability to transform an outfit – simple and comfortable becomes classy; formal becomes exceptional. It’s no wonder that crystal jewelry continues to gain popularity among traditionalists and trend-setters alike.

Crystal jewelry can mean anything from earring to necklaces and everything in between. Manufacturers of crystal jewelry are able to cut it into unique shapes that creatively reflect light; and the variations of style this gives consumers makes crystal jewelry inordinately popular. The choices are endless – from clear drop earrings to a colored crystal necklace – crystal jewelry can elevate an outfit to new levels of elegance and sophistication.

The other benefits of crystal jewelry are its durability and affordability. Crystal jewelry is affordably priced and therefore easy to replace; you don’t have to be concerned that you will lose or break crystal jewelry as you would with diamonds or other precious gems.

Crystal can be distinguished from other materials by its lead content. This lead adds a weight to crystal but also gives it flexibility; the lead content actually makes crystal quite soft and pliable, allowing it to be cut and molded into a variety of styles. It is for this reason that crystal is so popular in the making of decorative and functional items for around the house. It is used quite often in the making of wine glasses, serving pieces, picture frames, and vases. People recognize the elegance that crystal brings to a room and appreciate its sturdiness and sparkle power. The same can be said for crystal jewelry. It is versatile, sturdy, and always lovely.

You can find crystal jewelry at high-end department stores, large retail outlets, and even in area jewelry stores. You may also want to check out antique stores to find beautiful and unique crystal jewelry.
Crystal Jewelry ,reveal your own personality and style!

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How to maintain Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

How to maintain Swarovski Crystal Jewelry

Crystal jewelry is the best alternative for highly expensive diamond jewelry set. The best crystal jewelry is Swarovski crystal jewelry, also commonly known as the Austriancrystal jewelry, is considered the finest and most expensive type of crystal jewelry.
For this reason, these jewelry items need to be taken special care of so that they last forever.

But,it does not require the help of an expert. Simply get a piece of cloth and rub the gems gently. For heavy stained beads simply apply lukewarm water followed by a soft rag to avoid scratching the surface. The use of mild dish washing soap is also acceptable for hand washing. Store it inside a soft cloth pocket. Never stack it to avoid it from rubbing from each other. The use of cloth gloves may be required to avoid leaving fingerprints on it.

If you wear this jewelry casually, the crystals tend to lose their shine due to wear and tear. This includes body and clothes friction, sun, heat, dust, perfume sprays, makeup particles and even oil on our skin. In case of Swarovski jewelry, it is not the kind you can buy every other day. You need to take special care of it, keep it clean and safe, so that it continues to add elegance in your personality.

Baby wipes is a wonder-product that cleans this jewelry nicely without damaging the surface of the crystals. After rubbing the baby wipes gently on your crystal jewelry, finish off by using a cotton cloth to dry it and give the jewelry its original luster.

Another method to clean this jewelry is to make a soapy solution and put few drops of vinegar in it. Now take a cotton ball and gently wipe your crystal jewelry. The presence of vinegar will remove all kinds of perfume, body spray and other kinds of oil residues from the crystals without damaging them.

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Seven tips for maintaining silver jewelry

Seven tips for maintaining silver jewelry

Lots of people love sterling silver jewelry, but most of them have no idea how to maintain it. In fact, we can make thesilver jewelry looks new, if we pay attention to the daily maintenance.
1. The best way to maintain the silver jewelry is to wear it every day, because our body can produce natural oils and make it luster.

2. As you are wearing other precious metals, better not wear silver jewelry at the same time, in order to avoid a collision deformation or abrasion.

3. Be sure to keep silver jewelry dry, don’t wear it swimming, and stay away from spring water and seawater. After wearing the jewelry, wipe its surface gently with a paper towel or cotton cloth, clear the water and dirt, and store it in sealed bag or jewelry box to remove dirt and moisture.

4. If you notice that the silver jewelry turns yellow, the easiest is to wash its surface with a little water and toothpaste. Or use a small brush to clean the slit of silver jewelry, then wipe its surface with polishing cloth, the silver jewelry will be restore its original luster immediately.

5. If the silver jewelry turned yellow gravely, don’t soak with “silver washing liquid” for a long time, usually a few seconds only, then immediately wash with water, and dry it with soft paper.

6. If the silver jewelry can be restore its luster about 89% with the polishing cloth, it’s no need to use “silver washing liquid”, cause they are a certain corrosive, after using them, the silver jewelry will be easy to turn yellow. Besides, the polishing cloth contains silver component maintenance, don’t wash it with water.
7. If you didn’t clean and store it after wearing at ordinary times, it probably makes the silver jewelry black. At this time you should use a small brush to clean the slit of silver jewelry, put a drop of “silver washing liquid” at paper, wipe the surface black oxide, then use the polishing cloth to restore its original luster. Remember to do the daily maintenance, avoid the silver jewelry turned black again. After turned black for several times, the silver jewelry is hard to wipe white.

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Ten Fascinating facts about gold

Ten Fascinating facts about gold

Gold is a precious metal, high value, but you may not be able to fully understand it. Here are ten fascinating facts about gold that you might not know before.
1. Gold is probably the first metal that prehistoric humans had processed. The age of the gold jewelry which archaeologist found in Bulgaria can date back to 4000 BC. So, the Age of gold emerged just overlapped with the Stone Age.

2. The 7th century BC, gold wire was used to install false tooth by Italian dentist. Since the early 16th century, gold filling was recommended for filling the cavity.

3. In Aztec, gold is written as “teocuitlatl”, which means “Gold’s shit”.

4. Gold with high ductility and malleability. With casting, a piece of one ounce of gold can be turned into five millionths inch thick semi-transparent gold. Or can be stretched to fifty miles long and five microns in diameter, equivalent to one-tenth of the diameter of a hair.

5. The precious metal also has the characteristics of difficult to destroy. From ancient times to the present, it has been said that “Gold has its price.”  So we can recycle them. All the gold discovered in the past, eighty-five percent are still in use today.

6. Outside the lunar module of the United States “Apollo ” airship was coated with gold foil, with the aim to protect astronauts from radiation. Even now, the helmet worn by astronauts is still coated with a thin gold membrane to protect astronaut’s eyes from intense light.

7. The methods of refining gold will destroy the environment in some extent. Gold mine will dumped a lot of cyanide into the ditch, and pour the nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides into the air.

8. In gold reserve, the United States ranks first in the world. However, if included the gold ornaments, then India will grab the top spot, twenty percent of the gold used as decoration in the world, were used in Indian saris.

9. On the surface of the Earth, the greatest concentration of gold is in ocean, it’s estimated at around one hundred million tons. Unfortunately, so far no one has found an effective method to extract gold from the ocean.

10. However, compared with the gold reserves in space, that is dwarfed. According to the data of NEAR airship sent back in 1999. The amount of gold at one planet of “Eros” is more than the sum of that has ever been mined on the earth. Regrettably, we don’t know how to mine the gold in space.

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Jewelry making is an art

Jewelry making is an art.

Making beaded jewelry is the least expensive hobbies you can try, all you need is a needle and thread and some beads! Of course, there are many other options for materials. The materials you use will depend on the type of beading that you want to do. There are a lot of different beadwork techniques, some common among them are beads on string, beads with wirework, bead weaving, embroidery and knitting and crocheting with beads offer additional creative outlets for beaders.

Not all materials are suitable for making jewelry. Even fewer materials are suitable for piercings and body jewelry. Some of the commonly used materials are steel, titanium, acrylic, glass, ivory and wood. There are some general factors which have to be kept in mind when choosing a material for jewelry making, sine some problems can be arrived while using few materials in jewelry making. The advantage of purchasing directly from the jewelry designers is that the customers can expect consistently high quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, which leads to increased durability and value.

Also there are many career options related to jewelry, requiring a wide range of skills and offering a wide range of rewards. There are part-time, full-time, and self-employed options. Some positions require no experience and others require specialized education or apprenticeship. You can choose to be a Craft Jewelry Maker, Custom/Special Order Jeweler, Designer, Diamond Dealer, Fashion Jeweler, Gemologist, Goldsmith, Production Manager and many more options are there.

While making jewelry you also have to keep in mind the different sizes of jewelry for your target customer. People come in different sizes, which is why many necklaces, bracelets, and anklets come with extension chains. Jewelry store jewelry, however, tends to be made in standard lengths. If you make your own jewelry you can customize your pieces to fit the wearer. There are some common lengths for commercial or production line jewelry.

 If you want unique jewelry design then going to the jewelry making designers and their stores is the best option. These designers do custom work for their customers who desire exclusive designs. You can design one of a kind jewelry with an art of jewelry making. The most important point in jewelry making is that you have to be creative. Well, you don’t have to be a professional to make fancy jewelry. There are some real jewelry making techniques you can learn, and they are pretty easy. Plus, there are many beautiful jewelry creations you can make without using any special techniques!

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